Total Hashrate: 5.5924 MH/s

Rubycoin Multipool

This pool mines the most profitable scrypt coin, automatically exchanges those coins for Rubycoin, and pays out entirely in Rubycoin.

How It Works

Designed to support the long term growth, profitability, and value of Rubycoin. This pool aggregates the hashing power of the community to mine other profitable alt coins, and then uses those proceeds to buy Rubycoin. Point your miner to us with a Rubycoin address as your username. Payouts are once a day.


cgminer --scrypt -o -u [your rubycoin address] -p x


Payout Address Share % Shares Hashrate
RdBpHB7wNmzX94SwoUqhoTAsw7gDqCYC7t31.7448921.775 MH/s
RurndBaXz8EYgot28VWpLRTSRh6WCUMsKd68.25619183.817 MH/s
Our hashrates are just an estimate. The hashrate displayed on your miner is accurate.


Round RUBY Hashrate RUBY / 1MH
03502214.1294 MH/s2479